IS Surveillance and Fire Control Simulator

surveillance and fire control training simulator

IS S/FC Simulator enables training in realistically modelled environments and weather conditions. The training platform offers a highly realistic training environment with simulated optical instruments – laser range finder, thermal imager and goniometer – all mounted on one tripod. Ideal for surface monitoring and fire control training The visual system displays the scenery, targets and… Read more »

IS Sonar Simulator

Image Soft Sonar Simulator uses the most advanced simulation technologies in approximating sonar wave propagation by mathematical models. IS Sonar Simulator works as an authentic sonar by: transmitting ultrasound pulses from a specific point calculating the echoes using the geographical data and simulated underwater objects in generating the sonar image, and; producing a highly realistic… Read more »

IS ARPA Radar Simulator

Image Soft Radar Simulator uses advanced simulation technologies in producing radar images. IS Radar Simulator works as an authentic radar. It transmits beams from a specific point and calculates the echoes using geographical data and objects (ships, buildings etc.). A dedicated radar screen displays the radar image. Radar image is highly realistic Radar overlay is… Read more »

IS UNWAS™ – Underwater Surveillance and Tactical Training Simulator

IS Underwater Surveillance and Tactical Training Simulator is designed for underwater surveillance training and for tactical operations. The training platform consists of an underwater surveillance training simulator and a tactical training simulator. Basic student workstation features a surveillance workstation with a map display, an analysis display and audio equipment for listening. The student workstation can also be enhanced… Read more »

Underwater Surveillance System (UNWAS™)

Underwater surveillance system (IS UNWAS™) listening stations and server room

Image Soft Underwater Surveillance System (IS UNWAS™) is designed for passive underwater surveillance of marine traffic Image Soft Underwater Surveillance System (IS UNWAS™) is designed for detecting underwater targets. IS UNWAS™, a distributed and modular system that utilizes passive hydrophone arrays, is scalable to cover surveillance of large areas. The modular design of the system… Read more »