IS Full Mission Bridge Simulator features:

  • Genuine control levers and steering equipment
  • Sophisticated electronic chart (ECDIS), conning and ARPA radar displays with high precision
  • Visual channel subsystems from 240° to 360° produced by 4K LCDs or high resolution LED projectors
  • Realistically simulated training areas and fairways to ports, loyal to original surroundings
  • Customization to new ship types, training areas and bridge control systems
  • GMDSS radio communication module
  • Ease of use instructor tool for:
    • creating training scenarios
    • teaching and monitoring student performance
    • supervising training scenario execution, e.g. enabling real-time incident creation (wind, visibility, current, tide etc.)
    • evaluating and assessing trainee performance during the scenario execution

To ease the student evaluation and assessment the vessel simulator features an automated question inquirer and performance evaluation tool.

Image Soft Ship Bridge Simulator is scalable with open HLA protocol to multi-bridge sessions in a variety of real life port surroundings. It is also connectable to e.g. ECDIS classrooms to run one common training scenario. The bridge itself can be mounted in modules, featuring ARPA Radar, GMDSS or a selection of Sonar Simulators. The system can be configured to run Bridge Simulator for Arctic Operations according to IMO Polar Code.

IS Full Mission Bridge Simulator is a safe long term investment. Det Norske Veritas (DNV) has certified Image Soft Full Mission Bridge Simulator to comply with Class A Standard for Certification of Maritime Simulators No. DNVGL-ST-0033 2014.

Image Soft simulators – designed for certified maritime training.

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