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Sign up for the next underwater surveillance training course organized directly by Image Soft!

Image Soft will arrange periodically one week training modules for interested clients and partners. The Underwater Surveillance Training – module will provide a comprehensive introduction to the tools and methods of passive acoustic underwater surveillance and creates a solid knowledge base on which to build surveillance skills with advanced methods and techniques. The training also gives background information to technical personnel as well as supervisors and other administrative personnel to understanding the basics of underwater acoustics, submarines and other targets, systems, tactics, aural analysis and spectrum analysis. It also includes operator level introduction to the UNWAS™ system and operator level hands-on training with the IS UNWAS™ underwater surveillance simulator (part of the IS CSS™).

Main Topics of the training course

The one-week training is arranged at Image Soft Helsinki training facility with following curriculum

  1. Environment & Hydroacoustics 3h
    basics of sound propagation & ydroacoustics                                                              
  2. Targets 5h
    Unmanned underwater vehicles,
    divers, submarines & surface vessels
  3. Systems & Scenarios 5h
    Underwater surveillance & ACINT systems
    and example scenarios including
    critical maritime infrastructure protection
  4. Operating the UNWAS system 6h
  5. Aural Analysis 3h
  6. Spectrum Analysis 3h
    Lofar, DEMON and other passive system tools                                                              
  7. Spectrum Analysis Exercises 3h
  8. Simulator Exercises  7h

35h total

To sign up for the course please contact us at:

Please note that all applicants to the course have to be approved by Image Soft in advance and the training is subject to Finnish Ministry of Defence -export license restrictions. ( Image Soft will apply for the license once the applicants have been approved by Image Soft )