IS Sonar Simulator

Image Soft Sonar Simulator trains Sonar operators in detecting underwater objects and performing sea-floor imaging and mapping.

Image Soft Sonar Simulator uses the most advanced simulation technologies in approximating sonar wave propagation by mathematical models.

IS Sonar Simulator works as an authentic sonar by:

  • transmitting ultrasound pulses from a specific point
  • calculating the echoes using the geographical data and simulated underwater objects in generating the sonar image, and;
  • producing a highly realistic Sonar image on Sonar display

The underwater environment is created from a depth map image. Underwater objects (submarines or wrecks) can be added to the simulation, and consequently they will be shown in the Sonar display, too.

Authentic sonar simulating for

Scanning Sonar

  • Measures to all directions around the sonar to detect e.g. underwater objects
  • Display modes: PPI, B-Scan

Side Scan Sonar

  • Scans the shape of the sea bed under the sonar, and is used to create an image (or mapping) of the sea floor
  • Display presents a sonogram, a “picture” of the ocean bottom
  • Measurement data can also be exported to FAU-format

Multi Beam Sonar

  • Measures the depth of the water and the nature of the seabed, and is e.g. used for data acquisition in hydrographic surveys
  • The display presents either a sonogram, a “picture” of the ocean bottom, or a 3D image
  • Measurement data can also be exported to Generic Sensor Format (GSF)


IS Sonar Simulator is fully compliant with other Image Soft ship bridge simulators. It can be integrated in IS Full Mission Bridge Simulator, or set up as stand-alone student stations for classroom training.

Sonar simulators are subject to export authorization procedure by the Government of Finland and the EU.