Maritime surveillance

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Stealthy guardian of large sea areas

Image Soft’s underwater surveillance system (UNWAS) is the ideal sensor solution for wide sea- and coastal area protection. UNWAS will stand as a sentinel beneath the waves, silently safeguarding national maritime boundaries against a myriad of threats. Leveraging the power of passive acoustics, most recent advancement in algorithms and software design as well as cutting edge computational hardware, UNWAS brings the state-of-the-art technology- and software developments into the world of underwater surveillance. At its core, UNWAS operates without emitting any noise pollution into the ocean, ensuring minimal impact on marine ecosystems, and offering unparalleled effectiveness while maintaining environmental sustainability. This eco-friendly approach and carefully designed, tested and proven components enable UNWAS to operate continuously for decades with very low maintenance needs. The passive sensor approach also makes the system stealthy. Lack of detectable acoustic- or radio signal emissions renders the system virtually undetectable by potential adversaries. Even attempts to locate the sensors using active sonar are thwarted by UNWAS sensor unit’s advanced design.

Long Distance detection and beam forming

Strategically positioned in acoustically optimal locations, the distributed and cost-effective sensors utilize advanced algorithms to form beamforming arrays programmatically. This allows UNWAS to detect threats at extreme distances, providing several hours of advance warning and precise tracking capabilities, even in challenging underwater conditions.

Flexible integrations to other sensor- and C2 systems

What also sets UNWAS apart is its seamless integration with existing maritime command and control systems. Through well-documented APIs and integration points, UNWAS collaborates with coastal and maritime surveillance radars, satellite networks, and civilian Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) systems, enhancing situational awareness and response capabilities.

Fire control and intelligence gathering

The system’s exceptional detection and tracking accuracy also enable secondary applications such as coastal artillery fire control and targeting. Furthermore, UNWAS empowers naval forces to build comprehensive target libraries and deploy Deep Learning algorithms for target classification, bolstering operational efficiency. Beyond its defensive capabilities, UNWAS serves as a potent tool for long-distance acoustic intelligence gathering. Its widespread adoption by national navies and coast guards worldwide underscores its effectiveness in protecting maritime interests.

Operational excellent in challenging conditions