Underwater Infrastructure Protection

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Pipes and cables – protecting vital national underwater assets

Introducing UNWAS – the perfect solution for 24/7/365 monitoring and securing underwater critical infrastructure. In today’s interconnected world, submarine communications and power cables are the lifeline of the global economy. Offshore wind farms also rely on subsea cable connections to deliver power to the shore-based grid. Submarine gas and oil pipelines play a vital role in energy infrastructure as well. However, recent world events have underscored the vulnerability of this underwater infrastructure to interference and sabotage, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced protection measures. The unfortunate fact is that damaging underwater infrastructure is currently possible for a determined and well-resourced attacker with a very small risk of getting caught.

Detecting all attempts at sabotage

Impenetrable barrier with acoustic and magnetic sensing

The highly sensitive sensors and advanced software of UNWAS will not only detect the acoustic or magnetic signatures of the perpetrators and generate immediate alert, but also track and classify threats automatically, continuously monitoring the evolving situation until help arrives. The mere suspicion of UNWAS deployment near a pipeline or cable route is a strong deterrent against even trying the act of sabotage as getting caught in the act is almost assured. As the sensors are fully passive, their exact location cannot be known by the aggressor and circumventing the protective barrier becomes almost impossible.

Low deployment cost, low maintenance cost and technical health monitoring as a bonus

Moreover, UNWAS sensors require minimal maintenance and can remain in the water for decades, providing long-term protection for underwater assets. Additionally, they can pinpoint naturally occurring faults in telecommunications cables or detect ruptures in oil and gas pipelines caused by corrosion or manufacturing defects in real-time. This capability can save gas and utility companies millions while further justifying the investment in Image Soft’s cutting-edge surveillance technology.

Protect your underwater assets and investments with UNWAS – the ultimate passive acoustic surveillance system. Safeguard critical infrastructure, mitigate risks, and ensure uninterrupted operations with our state-of-the-art solution. Don’t leave your underwater assets vulnerable – deploy UNWAS today!