Image Soft announces a new Coastal Surveillance Simulator

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IS Coastal Surveillance Simulator is designed for coastal surveillance and fire control training with optical instruments. IS CSS has simulated laser distance measurement and positioning devices. These devices are designed to be identical with the real hardware for the best achievable realism.

Operator can give commands to the simulated artillery units to order the strike points on the targets. All of the operations are visible on the visual system, making the system more immersive. The operator can see the strike points, the target vessels and the artillery on the visual system. Physical simulated devices are used to measure distances to the targets and to the strike points.

IS CSS is compatible with other Image Soft Simulator -products, such as the radio communication simulator, the IS Radar Simulator, the IS Full Mission Bridge Simulator and the IS Underwater Surveillance Simulator.

IS Coastal Surveillance Simulator will be showcased in the UDT 2017 exhibition in Bremen, Germany.

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