Image Soft Ship Editor released at UDT 2015

Image Soft Oy releases IS Ship Editor for Image Soft Underwater Surveillance Training Simulator, which is a leading training environment for detecting possible underwater targets. IS Ship Editor is a software module for creating and editing ship sounds and other ship properties, and it enables the instructor to develop a library of underwater sounds of different submarine engines, their gearboxes, and propellers.

IS Ship Editor features an intuitive menu based user interface, giving the instructor a variety of ship parameters to select from. These include basic measurements, ship type (ship or submarine), engine factors (RPM range, number of cylinders, strokes) and propeller parameters (gear ratio, number of blades, how sound amplifies with speed increase etc.). The ship sound is a combination of all defined frequency components, and engine and propeller frequencies change according to their definitions when the ship speed changes.

In underwater training scenario the ship sound is played to each hydrophone. The attenuation and propagation time from the source (ship) to each hydrophone is taken into account. The background noise caused by environmental settings is added to these attenuated ship sounds at each hydrophone. Since the propagation time is also calculated, the direction finding algorithms of the Underwater Surveillance Training Simulator function just like in the real world.

IS Ship Editor software is available in IS Underwater Surveillance Training Simulator at no extra cost.

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