Info on Image Soft

Who we are

Image Soft is a technology and software company located in Helsinki, Finland focusing on two business segments:

  • Training Simulators for Maritime Schools and Academies
  • Technology and Solutions for Underwater Surveillance Activity

Image Soft has a 25 year experience in developing simulation solutions for various industries. Our expertise in Radar, Sonar and tactical training have been developed together with our clients, and our maritime training solutions fulfill the needs of most demanding academies. Being there first means that we offer solutions that others yet do not, such as our Full Mission Bridge Simulator for Arctic Conditions.

We have a highly skilled team of experts dedicated to serve. Give us a call and let us surprise you positively.

Key contacts

Matti Suuronen, CEO
Ari Niemi, CTO

How to reach us

Come and meet us at the industry events in person, or contact us directly:

Address: Nuijamiestentie 5 B, 00400 Helsinki, Finland