IS Full Mission Bridge Simulator

Genuine control levers and steering equipment Sophisticated electronic chart (ECDIS), conning and ARPA radar displays with high precision Visual channel subsystems from 240° to 360° produced by 4K LCDs or high resolution LED projectors Realistically simulated training areas and fairways to ports, loyal to original surroundings Customization to new ship types, training areas and bridge… Read more »

IS Full Mission Bridge Simulator for Arctic Operations

Validated ship and ice breaking behavior, models developed together with Aker Arctic Technology Inc. Dynamic calculation of the ice and its interactions with the vessel Designed to comply with IMO arctic navigation training standard Polar Code Enables connection to multi-bridge vessel simulator scenarios and special arctic missions Helps the student to assess the risks in arctic… Read more »

IS GMDSS Simulator

Image Soft GMDSS Simulator offers a training platform to learn radio communication and emergency messaging without interfering with real radio sphere. The GMDSS is a global distress and radio communication safety system for ships. The GMDSS is an automated ship to shore system, ranging from short range radios to satellite radios and digital selective calling… Read more »