Image Soft Sonar Simulator uses the most advanced simulation technologies to approximate the sonar wave propagation by mathematical models.

  • Works as an authentic sonar – it transmits ultra-sound pulses from a specific point and calculates the echoes using the geographical data and the objects in the simulation (underwater objects) for generating the sonar image
  • Produces a highly realistic Sonar image on Sonar display
  • The underwater environment is created from a depth map image. Underwater objects (submarines or wrecks) can be added to the simulation, and they will be shown in the Sonar display as well.

Scanning Sonar

  • Measures to all directions around the sonar to detect e.g. underwater objects
  • Display modes: PPI, B-Scan

Side Scan Sonar

  • Scans the shape of the sea bed under the sonar, and is used to create an image (or mapping) of the sea floor
  • Display presents a sonogram, a “picture” of the ocean bottom
  • Measurement data can also be exported to FAU-format

Multi Beam Sonar

  • Measures the depth of the water and the nature of the seabed, and is used for hydrographic survey measurement data acquisition
  • Display presents either a sonogram, a “picture” of the ocean bottom or a 3D image.
  • Measurement data can also be exported to Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
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