IS Underwater Surveillance and Tactical Training Simulator is designed for underwater surveillance training and for tactical operations.

The training platform consists of an underwater surveillance training simulator and a tactical training simulator. Basic student workstation features a surveillance workstation with a map display, an analysis display and audio equipment for listening. The student workstation can also be enhanced with a Sonar simulator.

Sonar simulator can also be combined with a patrol ship bridge with ship controls and visual, Radar simulators and simulated anti-submarine weaponry. This simulator can be used train anti-submarine operations with Sonar, Radar and visual surveillance together with the command and control chain and simulated weapons.

The training simulator can be used to train underwater surveillance operators to enhance their real life skills in:

  • basic underwater listening skills
  • identifying underwater targets
  • using the analysis and detection tools
  • taking tactical actions against the intruder

In addition to operator training the simulator can be used to train Command, Control and Communications between the Control Room and patrolling vessels. Surveillance Operators in Control Room detect targets and guide patrol fleet to the range. Students operating simulated patrol boats use their active SONAR, Radar and visuals to detect the target, and finally use their weapons if necessary. Radio communication between the Control Room and the boats is rehearsed intensively.

The system is scalable to multi-player scenarios involving several submarines, combating ships and neutral surface vessels.

The system also features IS Ship Editor, a software module for creating and editing ship sounds and other ship properties. This enables the instructor to develop a library of underwater sounds of different submarine engines, their gearboxes and propulsion systems.

IS Underwater Surveillance and Tactical Training Simulator is designed to serve as a training platform for IS UNWAS™ Underwater Surveillance System operators, but is also highly applicable for tactical training.

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