3rd Gen UNWAS Launch: Next-Level Underwater Surveillance

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We are thrilled to announce the 3rd Gen UNWAS Launch, our latest military-grade underwater surveillance system. This upgraded system offers highly automated, cost-efficient, and environmentally sustainable 24/7/365 surveillance and protection of underwater pipelines, subsea cables, and crucial ports and harbors. The 3rd Gen UNWAS™ system is equipped with a passive sensor network that detects and warns of both underwater and surface threats, including divers, submarines, AUVs, ROVs, and underwater drones. The system operates effectively in various challenging environments, such as the Baltic and North Seas, and tropical waters.

The 3rd Gen UNWAS™ features a new digital electronics and software suite incorporating the latest advancements in neural networks and machine learning. Its deep learning capabilities enable smart software to recognize threats, such as a mini submarine hiding under a noisy civilian cargo ship, and alert harbor authorities of unauthorized divers during busy operations. The innovative system offers a crucial defense for national maritime borders and key underwater infrastructure.

In addition to the 3rd Gen UNWAS Launch, we offer comprehensive simulator solutions, such as Underwater Surveillance and Tactical Training Simulator and Full Mission Bridge Simulator for Arctic Conditions. Our expertise in Radar, Sonar, and tactical training has been developed together with our clients, and our maritime training solutions fulfill the needs of the most demanding academies.

UNWAS Surveillance concept